I did it! I got meself an MP3 player! It’s a black (duh) Creative Zen Nano Plus. I thought a purple one would be nice too but I don’t think they had any. I’m currently transferring all my Robbie songs to it :)

It has a radio (from which you can also record) and voice recorder (I don’t need that but oh well) — 1 Gb space should serve my music need (I was thinking of getting a 512 Mb instead but caved in). The LCD screen looks really nice and crispy.

Odd people

At work there is a person who coughs in a way that makes me think they’re choking. Also, their cough sometimes develops into a Donald Duck impersonation. Charming.

A student counsellor/thesis guide sort of person at my department wrote me asking if I have thought about master’s thesis stuff. I replied (“yes, I’ve thought about it but I want to get my bachelor’s first…”) and I get a response at 10:30 pm! At 10:30pm they should be watching the sports news. Dedication?

I’m probably odd for writing this. Forgive me, I’m a little tired, I’ve been correcting hundreds (566, still some fun left for tomorrow) of idiotic tag errors by a translator who happily slammed each 100% match from the translation memory into the text even though they were obviously incorrect. Dunce. It’s so sad it’s funny (at least I’m more of a laugher than a nagger in desperation). Oh, we have good laughs at work. I’m lucky the people I work with are wonderful.

Yeah, I’m still alive

Today I read the strangest definition for ‘blog’: a website, which is regularly updated. Which means this — currently — isn’t a blog.

I clicked on to Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes from Blogging Pro. An interesting read but I’ve raged about item 2 in the past: using a photo. I understand that people want to see faces, but who wants to see my mug? I don’t! How shocking would it be if I posted my photo and you’d see that I’m actually male?

I am, however, going to implement some of the enhancement ideas. When I was designing this site, I didn’t find a good colour for visited links (I did notice that some of the links, in blog content, lose underlining after a visit) so I forgot about it (accidentally!). Also I’m going to try and list some of the “must-read” entries but I’m afraid I might not find any (This is a blog for dog’s sake! Not a magazine. Why do people take blogs so seriously? It’s supposed to be fun, not 2nd or nth job (for most)). I did have a category for these, something like Minna’s picks, but apparently I removed it at some point (or it doesn’t have any posts!).
(There’s a list in the archives now.)

Jafer woke me up from my work-daze. In addition to not having written in over half a month (I honestly don’t know how that’s possible), I haven’t finished a book since July! (I’ll need to check my papery booklog, but the one here says July.)

I had hard time not laughing today. A group of people were talking and roaring with laughter (at work, of course) and I was sitting at my desk. Because I wasn’t in the group I couldn’t laugh along but I kept bursting so I had to leave for a while to cool off. I went and washed my coffee mug. Interesting, innit?

Deja vu averted

I was writing an email to enrol to a course and needed to check the course site to see what info I needed to give. While I was there I decided to see what sort of topics there are. And that’s when I realised the topics were a little too familiar. Off I went to see my list of finished courses and there it was, under a different code and slightly different name.

Damn Bologna.

Good thing is, now I have my Tuesday mornings free — for work.

7 words you don’t want to hear from a nurse

We got our flu shots (against influenza, not common cold). It was voluntary, of course, and I thought I’d go get one because I felt like I had started the flu wave the last time (hopefully I hadn’t…). If I got sick, I’d go to work anyway so it’s just better I don’t get sick. After I had been stung, the nurse said “whoops, there’s quite a lot of blood.”


Oh well, in all seriousness, it wasn’t too bad. My arm feels a little funny still, like I’ve pulled a muscle. I’m hoping I don’t get too bad a quick flu even though I’ve read/heard that may happen.

Now I’m so tired I’ll go and finish IT. Finally I get to finish a book (well, it’s as thick as two very thick books, 1090 pages)! And then on to my “last” King: Insomnia. Quotes because the Man just keeps writing! Oh yeah, on Wednesday I dragged myself shopping and got Robbie’s new album; I take my words back, Tripping is groovy. So are the other songs. Loving it! :) I also found Hearts in Atlantis as a non-movie version (no A. Hopkins on the cover). Now I’m missing only 7 books from my collection (plus Colorado Kid and future ones).

Note to self (I’m too lazy to write a paper diary): Boss said “has anyone ever told you you’re too efficient?” :mrgreen: