At work there is a person who coughs in a way that makes me think they’re choking. Also, their cough sometimes develops into a Donald Duck impersonation. Charming.

A student counsellor/thesis guide sort of person at my department wrote me asking if I have thought about master’s thesis stuff. I replied (“yes, I’ve thought about it but I want to get my bachelor’s first…”) and I get a response at 10:30 pm! At 10:30pm they should be watching the sports news. Dedication?

I’m probably odd for writing this. Forgive me, I’m a little tired, I’ve been correcting hundreds (566, still some fun left for tomorrow) of idiotic tag errors by a translator who happily slammed each 100% match from the translation memory into the text even though they were obviously incorrect. Dunce. It’s so sad it’s funny (at least I’m more of a laugher than a nagger in desperation). Oh, we have good laughs at work. I’m lucky the people I work with are wonderful.