Darn, I got a WordPress.com invite back in September but as I was about to redeem it now, I found out it expired in seven days. Back then I didn’t think I’d need an extra blog (where I can’t be as big a control freak as here) especially as I’m having hard time keeping this updated. I didn’t know what I was signing up for when I entered my email. Now I was going to do a little research for my article on WordPress… but it said “whoops, sorry, invite expired.”

Oh well, perhaps I should retry my invitation lottery luck but I’m sure now I’m trampled on by flocks.

I hope the article offer hasn’t expired even though I have been a terrible employee (I don’t care if I’m freelance/volunteer, terrible employee is a terrible employee). I’m just glad I’m writing again, because I’ve been such a procrastinator. It’s scary to write publicly about something you know you don’t know enough about (enough = everything). Am I being too tough on myself? :laugh: