Nowadays I can’t help but feel like a procrastinator in everything else but work. The infamous magazine article is still waiting for a final glance which shouldn’t be such a big hurdle but in reality I’m terrified. An ontology is waiting to be built, an article waiting to be read, and I haven’t played in ages (except Minesweeper)!

Yesterday I did manage to finish something: a website for a relative, an entrepreneur. Usually I hate taking the smaller screens and Internet Explorers in consideration but this time I had to because of the target audience. It wasn’t so bad after all — no mysterious spaces after I put a doctype on the page. I even left the font size to default and it scales to humongous proportions (on Mozilla and Firefox). Then again, having the doctype in place, I couldn’t do trickery in order to get the smallish boxish page center vertically. Oh well, usability over looks — that’s the way to go. It’s valid XHTML and looks alright even when you remove all the images. No fancy-schmancy JavaScript either. I even made a special stylesheet for printing! Ah, gotta pat myself on the shoulder for once.

Here’s a little tasting. Nothing fancy.

Snippet of the layout