Mum says I’m an addict. No, it’s not that, not really.

When you gotta work, you gotta work. At least where I work. A bunch of translations have to be returned on Thursday 3 pm sharp, and if the PM is sick and you’re stuck in a lecture all morning — too bad. Now I wish I hadn’t gone to the lecture because I decided not to continue with the course (boring ethics stuff).

I arrive at work 12:15 to find out that I have the PM‘s job to do. You’d think 2 hours 45 minutes would be enough to check a few files but it’s not (alright, it’s not ‘a few’). To add to all the fun, the FTP server was full and the first uploads failed. At this point I was giggling hysterically (remaining composed, though). I called it a ‘desperate giggle’ and I was told I’m too young to be desperate. I don’t think desperation depends on age. At least it isn’t harmful as long as it isn’t a permanent condition.

I was supposed to meet up with a Hungarian friend today (she’s studying in Finland, though, but I don’t know when she’s going back) at 3 pm, then at 4 pm, and two minutes to I realised I probably wasn’t going to make it. So I had to call her and cancel. “Alright, I’ll be out by 5 pm,” I thought. Had to think again. The next patch of files has to be returned by 10 am Friday morning and no one’s going to get anything done in the morning anyway so I stayed to check those files. Finally, at 6:45 pm I had to leave because I didn’t want to miss the 6:52 bus. 3 files were left to do in the morning.

Now I’m wondering if I should try and go earlier tomorrow. I have a fluey kind of thing so I don’t really feel like it. When I was the main PM I think I managed fine even if I arrived at work at the normal time, 8:45. Yeah, I guess I’m going in the normal time. Maybe I’ll even get to leave a little earlier. Perhaps at 4? Alright alright, 5:30 at the latest!