Finally last night I started re-doing my X-Files site — literally ‘night’ because I couldn’t stop before 3 am. The current layout is horrible, cluttered, and framed. Now I’m making a really nice layout — if I may say so myself — which is only for CSS-aware browsers :laugh: I’ll have to think of something for IE. I’m using position: fixed which makes it a no-no for IE. Actually, I downloaded beta version of IE 7 but when the installation starts it says to back up all files first. “All files”?! What’s that supposed to mean? All 80.2 GBs?

Here’s a screenshot of the layout:

The faces of Mulder and Scully are above everything else — the content text scrolls behind them. That took a bit of tweaking to get it work nicely but I’m pleased with the result.

I’ll have to try and keep the site uncluttered. All the awards and fanlistings have to go. I want it to look more sophisticated and grown-up. Guess what a shock it will be for the visitors when they stumble across my alien collection! The collection is the apple of my eye and it’s not going anywhere from XAMM.

I’m building the site on WordPress, and I found the greatest image plugin! It replaces text inside a variety of elements and you can restrict the replacement to classes, too.

Today I noticed that the X-Files is on a break (with no end in sight) because of the most idiotic show, the Bar. I’ll have time to watch some old episodes and add content to my brand new site. I’ll try and open it soon.