Today I went to the new Nokia Flagship store here in Helsinki. (I wonder if they sell phones there, or only flagships…) — correction, I went there and dragged my sister along. The place was pretty crowded (tomorrow’s the official launch party) so there wasn’t anyone I could’ve started bombing with questions; and we were pretty tired anyway. I searched for the N73, looked at it a little bit, took a tiny brochure, and we left.

The price there was higher than what I’d got as a package deal from somewhere else. I went to ask the price for the phone, a 512Mb/1Gb memory card, and an audio adapter (to be able to use regular earphones) in a store close to work and the price they offered was less than what the phone costs at the Nokia store. (They did offer only 3€ less than the normal price so I’ll have to go in and haggle a little more.)

I don’t know which will happen first: being able to drag myself to the centre again to go in and properly try out the phone (well, University starts soon) or buying the phone.

My newest justification for not feeling too bad about spending so much money: I’m getting a lot of tax refund this year. But you know what, I won’t feel bad at all! I’m gonna love the phone to bits!