Today I was putting the finishing touches to a complex Excel sheet and noticed that some translations were missing in formulas. The cells looked empty, so I understand it was easy to miss them although I mentioned about it in my instructions. I wrote the translator asking translations to the missing words; one of them was a place where calves are fed (with milk, probably). The word for feeding with liquid (juottaa) is the same as ‘weld’ in Finnish and the translator had used that in the translation. I asked if it meant ‘to feed’ as well and pointed them to a word list I had found and suggested some translations, also asking that I didn’t accidentally suggest some sort of machine that feeds calves to some other being! (As a sort of joke that would make the email not so serious and finger-pointing.)

The reply was, “Why are you asking me about animal feeding? I have no idea what it should be!” :roll: