I just bought the tickets! They should arrive in the mail in about a week.

I’m going to go via Frankfurt (both to and from). And what they didn’t tell me on the site, also Singapore, apparently. I guess it’s just a intermediate landing.

  • Helsinki – Frankfurt: 2.5 h
  • 4.5-hour wait in Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt – Singapore: 12 h
  • 1.5-hour wait in Singapore
  • Singapore – Sydney: 7.5 h

I’ll stay in Sydney for 18 days.

  • Sydney – Singapore: 8 h
  • 1.5-hour wait in Singapore
  • Singapore – Frankfurt: 13 h
  • 5.5-hour wait in Frankfurt
  • Frankfurt – Singapore: 2.5 h

In total: 28 h + 30.5 h. They better let me have a book in my hand luggage!

When I was paying the tickets I noticed that my balance was a bit tight… after the wad of money (or should I say a whole lotta ones and zeros, binarily speaking) had been removed from my account I was left with 12,66 €. Whoopsie. :mrgreen: Payday isn’t until October 10th so I had to take some money from my saving’s account (especially as I’ve been planning to buy the phone next week).

This’ll be my longest holiday in a looong time. I don’t think I’ll go to work right the next day even though I’ll arrive in Finland early afternoon (which can change of course).

Next step: ETA/Visa

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