Via Nokia Nseries blog I found the theme “Pearl Black” which is a step in the right direction (that is, it isn’t BLUE!).

Nokia theme Pearl Black

It’s a black version of the default theme I was using at the very beginning. The background is a little silly but it’ll do. Check out the music player:

Music Player on Pearl Black theme

I also tested out a theme by Babi, Only Black v2, but it is very black (looked really good,though).

I’ve seen a really cool purple theme on N95. I wonder if it’s available somewhere…

Update: And the search goes on…

Kooky Phone is quite nice, too. It won the theme competition at e61life. There’s a full and light version. I installed the light version because it uses the default icons. A bit of blue there, but very refreshing nevertheless:

Kooky Phone Light

A few links that may interest you if you’re looking for themes