10 years ago, on February 13 1996, my favourite band Take That split up. I was quite mad at them for splitting up on Robbie’s birthday (Robbie had left the band some time before). I remember sitting in front of the TV watching a program for teens. They showed Back For Good and there was an animated heart beating over the video. I think I cried. (I wasn’t/am not the crying type.) I programmed my mini-stereos to play Back For Good 32 times (that’s the maximum) and I must’ve listened through at least half of that.

Just the previous year I had been caught in the craze (I have to thank my penpal Shuk Yin for that) even though I’d sworn I’m not the boy band type. Well, at least I never was into New Kids on the Block or Boyzone (yuck).

Gary was my favourite, my dream guy, my biggest crush, although in their solo careers Robbie’s been my favourite all along — quite obviously.

Now they’re back and they just released an album on November 27 — I didn’t know that! On Friday I was listening to the radio while walking home from work and they said Take That’s newest single was going to play next. I walked all the way home during the commercial break (even though I tried to walk very slowly!). I ended up standing in the hall, with the earphones — and my coat — on, listening to Patience.

Gary is still so so cute!

(I know Take That wasn’t big in the US — your loss! :) )


This is Gary…
Gary from Take That