Here’s some information on the applications I’ve installed as well as some theme places I stalk in order to find The Perfect Theme.


Most of these are freeware.

(Pre-installed) Lifeblog logs your messages and media (photos, videos, sound), and you can add your own notes, too. I don’t use the mobile application at the moment because I haven’t figured out how to moblog to WordPress with it, but Lifeblog is very handy in transferring the logged items to the computer.
A file explorer. The search seems to be working very swiftly.
Omat Lahdot
Timetables for the capital city area (Helsinki, that is). You can save a list of bus stops/stations and filter out all unnecessary lines.
Take a screenshot of a lovely theme or a horrible-looking user interface
Opera Mini
A browser that filters out the blingbling on sites for easier viewing on a small screen and smaller load to data transfer. I like the built-in browser better though.
Nokia Search (unofficially out)
Search messages, emails, calendar, to-do, contacts, notes, and other files. Available for download at Symbian Freak for example.
Simple calculator but it’s much easier and faster to use than the built-in calculator.
Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition
Not freeware. Bought this via the N73 Services on Download!.


I’m currently using Clarity by Submarine (Clarity Wine variation). It has some blue in popups but I can live with that. The colours are very clear and the red is wonderful.

Theme - Clarity Wine

I check the following theme places daily: Forum thread “Upload your 3rd Edition themes here!” themes
Mobile9 theme gallery

New site » Themes

Please note that for some reason some people want to look at naked women (etc.) on their phone screen, so those theme places may contain NSFW (not safe for work) images. They do censor some theme previews but not nearly enough.

Some of the uploaded themes, particularly at Mobile9 and MobileThemes’s general upload section (not the forum post), have been created using online resources which may add icons and other “advertisements”.