I was invited to dinner Friday night. It was a traditional Australian baked dinner apparently. We had lamb, chicken, sweet potato, potato, corn, broccoli, peas, and I think one dish was pumpkin. It was really good. Baked dinner can contain anything really, I suppose it’s just the cooking that makes it ‘baked’. Later, I got the best coffee I’ve ever had and some carrot peanut cake. Yum!

I was asked what is a traditional Finnish dish. I couldn’t really answer. I did tell them we usually eat beef, fish, pork, chicken, and turkey, and that lamb is perhaps a bit special food (for Easter) — I’ve never had it before. And that we like potatoes, pasta, and rice. But I couldn’t explain a traditional Finnish dish. The only really Finnish thing I can think if is m√§mmi, Easter pudding. Wikipedia doesn’t offer very much information on Finnish cuisine either… Oh well.