I spotted my first N95 in the wild today. It was sitting right next to me at the ontology lecture.

The owner was fondling the device all the time (I still fondle my N73 — constantly…). I hate to see people get gadgets that I want. I sure hope they appreciate the amazing gadget they have obtained. :mrgreen: But, I’m determined to give this one a pass and wait for the next device which will of course be much better and more wonderful and more beautiful (they better have it in plum colour, too). And hopefully it’ll have a miniSD card slot instead of microSD.

I still have 1 year 7 months left of my contract (I could switch the phone to N95 but I’d have to pay the rest of the N73 first) so I’m going to wait.

There better be something much better around the corner (in 2 years — no sooner, no later).