It happened in just over a week: on August 14 my boss suggests that now would be a good time to take my last weeks of summer vacation if I didn’t have any special plans to save them for later, and also reduce all my overtime hours. That’s not going to happen after the extra hours I did this week, though, but I’ll get it closer to zero than it’s been in years. Four weeks in total. I say, “Alright, I’ll think about it.”

Boy, did I think about it. Four weeks is a lot so I need to do something other than just sit inside, watch tv or play games (especially as I didn’t do much on my previous 1+3 weeks of vacation…).

On August 15-16 I see a dream where I plan a trip to Australia and in the morning I actually wake up startled, gasping “where’s my passport” — I really didn’t know where it was. The dream makes me take a peek at the ticket prices — just for fun — and I happen to mention this to a co-worker on our way from work (this was on August 17). He gets all excited that of course I need to go, now’s a really good chance! The enthusiasm gets me excited too and once I get off the subway I call my sister to ask if she’d go (not in a millllllion years but I figured I’d try if she was feeling spontaneous (not her nature)). We decide on a domestic trip instead. For a while I feel less excited and think that maybe it’s too much money and too soon.

Then on Thursday, August 20, the co-worker of mine asks jokingly if I’ve bought the tickets yet. There are other people around so they of course ask what it was about. I say I haven’t yet — and that I didn’t even know where my passport was. The same night I start looking for my passport and find it in almost the place where I thought it was (duh). Friday morning, August 21, I ask Kat, my friend in Australia, if it would be ok for me to come for a visit and it is! That’s it, I’m going. When I arrive at work I go talk to this nice lady, who was appalled when I said I didn’t know where my passport was. In her opinion adults shouldn’t lose things like that. I agree, but there was the move and everything… And I honestly didn’t think I’d ever need the passport again ;) so I didn’t even look for it in earnest. I whispered that I found my passport, so she laughs and says that it probably means I’m going then. I show a serious face and say yes, it does. By the end of the day I’ve already mentioned it to too many people, so now I really have to go.

So, today is August 22, 8 days after I got the idea. Before I left the house this morning I checked if I can apply for an ETA, or actually an eVisitor for European passport holders, without flight details. It was possible so I sent off the application — and it didn’t cost anything, like ETA and not to mention visa does! When I got back, I had received a confirmation on email (took 2 hours on a Saturday. Maybe it’s done by computers? Can it be?). Now it was time to book the tickets: I choose to go via Frankfurt again even though it means I’ll have to wait for 4-5 hours between flights. It’s alright, I rather be very safe than very sorry. After that’s done, I buy some insurances which are printable right there and then. In about 30 minutes after the booking I receive the tickets to my email and I’m done. That’s just crazy. Last time I waited for the tickets for 5 days to arrive in the mail and the insurance papers for 6 days.

I just noticed that I already have a seat reservation for three out of the four flights. That probably means I will have to stand for the 19 hours and 25 minutes between Frankfurt and Sydney. Luckily we stay for 2 hours in Singapore so I can rest my legs there. ;)

Last time I planned this for a year. This time for one week. Maybe next time I’ll find some middle ground.

Now, who wants to scream a little I’m-probably-crazy-for-doing-this scream with me? Well, travelling or meeting friends is never crazy.