I have a huuuge dilemma: I’m trying to decide which Nokia device to get next and I just can’t make up my mind this time!

There is the N97, the N900 (not available just yet), XpressMusic 5800 (getting kinda old ;) ), and the upcoming X6 (no idea when it’s coming out), that have all caught my interest. And who knows about what’s coming out soon!

I would choose the N900 in a heartbeat because I’m very curious about Maemo, if only it had a radio and a multimedia message feature. (I don’t use either of them very much but they’d be useful to have.) The 5800 is the first touch screen device, released quite a while ago, so I figure the newer ones should have improved technology — and it has only a 3.2 megapixel camera which is what I have now in my 3-year-old phone (!). I think N97 would be my number one choice right now, but N900 is too close a second.

I must make up my mind though, since all these devices are around 600 euros each… (If I was rich I’d get the N900 and wait around for a bit to see if something amazing comes along and if not, get the N97.)