One keyboard, mouse, and monitor to rule them both

Ever since I got my new computer my old one has been understandably neglected. It’s been such a hassle crawling under the table to switch the monitor cable back and forth that I’ve just left it be. (I do have 2 keyboards and 2 mice but not really space on the desk for all 4 peripherals.) At least I have an access to the files on my old computer so I’ve been able to move what I want over, but I still want to keep on playing with old I went to pick up the switch last night — after an hour of queuing — and picked up a fresh Nokia battery and Chronicles of Riddick Dark Athena while I was waiting.

This morning I hooked it up. The guide says to turn off all power from the computers, hook everything up and then turn on the computer(s). Well, I did that and nothing worked. I figured it was the same situation as when I’d hooked up my special keyboard and mouse for my very first start-up of the new computer — and the screen kept being black, and nothing lighted up on the keyboard and mouse. So, I plugged my keyboard, mouse, and screen directly to the computer and surfed to Aten’s site to look for a driver. None available. Isn’t this nice.

I read the manual a bit further and it mentions a hot-key for quickly switching between the ports (2 x Scroll Lock). I put everything back again (except for the screen), and pressed Scroll Lock twice. Lo and behold. It made the lovely little chime and started installing a driver. Phew.

I suppose pressing the Scroll Lock would’ve worked the first time around (without having to plug in the switch while the computer was running) but it was actually supposed to detect the computer that turns on first and switch to using that port. Oh well. Now it’s working and after adjusting the resolution back to 1280×1024 everything seems to look the same as before.

Welcome back Sullivan! (I haven’t tried this on it yet, though.)

Post-check post-fix post-check post-fix post-check fix

Home sweet home, indeed. I’m getting so tired of this.

Last summer they started fixing things around the building according to what people had reported. (Well, except for my balcony.) One day I got a note that they’d be fixing my balcony door (I hadn’t reported it but I’m glad they caught there was something wrong with it).

After a while I got a note they’d be checking that the balcony door is ok now. Well, it wasn’t, so I got a second note that they’d be fixing it.

It was at the beginning of this winter, I believe, when I got a note that they’d be checking that the latest fix had fixed it. (It needs to be cold for a while to take the measurements or whatever.) Well, it hadn’t been fixed, so I got a third note that they’d be fixing it.

Last Friday I got a note saying that they’d check the door again on Monday. They checked it today and guess what — I got a note saying that they’re fixing it again, tomorrow!

Sigh. I’ve been living here soon for 2 years and I still have builders marching around my apartment when I’m not around.

Alphabet soup

I’ve been taking extra vitamins every morning in a fizzy tablet form since last autumn (I think I started just before I was leaving for Australia – in August). Not sure if it has done anything good but it can’t hurt. I haven’t had any long flu episodes but I can’t remember how I was before…

The other day I got to talking with some co-workers about fish oils and one said that she’s noticed a benefit in taking them. I’ve been thinking about trying some for a while so now I thought, why not?

The fish oil tablets contain vitamins A, D, and E. And the fizzy tablets fill the gaps nicely with vitamins B and C.

Now I’ll just have wait and see what the benefits are. Maybe it’ll enhance my memory.