I bought new boots
Jungle boots

They’re US army jungle boots. They’re so nice… built-in air conditioning* and everything!

I have a problem with pretty much all new shoes: they scrape the back of my ankle raw. In addition to these new summer boots, I have really nice leather “combat boots” that I haven’t worn much because I can’t walk for long distances.

But, I was determined to wear my new jungle boots (after destroying my heel once and realising that yeah, these shoes have the same problem) and I googled for tips. Some people had told they always broke boots in by wearing woolly socks for a while. So that’s what I did.

Boots with woolly socks

That does the trick! Too bad it’s summertime because it gets pretty warm in there… I’m looking forward to autumn and winter for once! (Now I’ll also get to break in my “old” leather boots when it’s cold and wet and I don’t want to wear shoes with holes in them.)

* Little ventilation/draining holes right above the sole. Now I realised you can actually see them in the photo: they show quite clearly in the bottom photo, the shoe on the right.