A while ago, on January 22 to be exact, I noticed how my thumbs looked very scrawny compared to my other fingers. I mean, I do type a lot on my mobile but on the computer all they get to press is the spacebar and occasionally some buttons on the mouse and touchpad. (In this day and age, what else is there for thumbs to do?)

I had to do something — stat!

The only cure I could think of was an Xbox 360, so I had to buy one of those. For thumbs’ sake. I got a 250GB one bundled with Kinect. The only game that came with it is the Kinect Adventures which means no controller to use (duh). For first-aid I ordered Alan Wake from an online store but it wasn’t going to arrive in the mail soon enough; I had to go shopping some more and ended up getting Dragon Age, and Condemned after it was recommended to me by the guy in the little game store I went to. (I got recommended a horror game — excellent! If he’d suggested Sims, I would’ve punched him in the face.)

Dragon Age (pretty easy-going) and Kinect Adventures (no controller, besides myself) have been getting the most TV time so far, but when I played Alan Wake I could really feel the exercise affecting. I better keep at it!