I don’t understand…
– people who return library books late
There was a guy yesterday at the library who returned 3 magazines 34 days late and the fine was about 20 euros. He started complaining about that and said that if he didn’t return the mags at all, that would cost him less. He was pretty loud. I felt like telling him “next time, why don’t you try returning them *on time*”
– people who use dog’s ears (the papery kind…) as bookmarks
– people who underline and write notes on library books
I understand some of the marks may have been done by the previous owner who kindly donated the book, but not all
– people who don’t cross the road (bigger than a small one :) ) via the zebra crossing
People run recklessly in front of cars, why do they think they have the right to be first? I know… cars have to give way to pedestrians, but why don’t pedestrians give way to cars? It’s far easier to stop on foot.
– people who don’t return things they’ve borrowed, in general :evil:
– did I already mention all kinds of cruelty towards library books? :D