Yesterday Dad had installed (or whatever you call it) 256 Mb more memory to my computer… behind my back! :) I noticed something was “wrong” when I saw my monitor light blinking (if you leave it on, it blinks when there’s no signal) but I thought I had just forgotten it cause I had to do some bachelor’s thesis stuff late the previous night.

When I was playing Splinter Cell he came there to watch and asked how my computer was working and “how much memory do you have? Do you know?” I couldn’t understand what he meant and said “256 of course, or you mean hard drive?” He made me Alt+Tab to desktop and check; My Computer –> Properties. “Look! It has multiplied!!” Dad said and slipped away.

The computer, sorry — Simon, does run smoothly. The thermo-goggle mode in Splinter Cell looks amazing (well, the whole game looks amazing, all the lights that weren’t there before on Geforce).

To another thing, yesterday our study councellor and her dog were here. I was “stupid” enough to talk to the dog so I was its best friend after that (and also, my hand smelled like cheese rice cakes). I was already on my way downstairs when I hear ‘clickclickclicketyclick’ down the stairs. I had to turn back and ask them to keep the dog entertained so I can leave.

Anyway, this morning I noticed that it had decided the front of our library is good enough place for a toilet. Nice one. Hopefully no one steps on it. :laugh: