Last night, around 1:50 I finally got to the Final Boss Fight in Beyond Good & Evil. I fought the darn thing for about half an hour and finally after a whole lotta K-Bups and going through the “choreography” over and over (I ended up playing with my eyes closed — hey, I was tired! :) ) I beat it! The end movie begins, good. And then, no voices, screen fades to white. The background music seems stuck. Nothing happens. I hit del, esc, any key. Nada. :evil: Ctrl + Alt + Del opens the program list, luckily. It was 2:20 then and I couldn’t stay awake anymore so I had to leave it at that.

This afternoon I decided to try it again. There had been a saving point just before the final battle but that was alright. <irony>I knew it by heart anyway…</irony> This time it took me 10 minutes to beat, not flawlessly though. And this time the end movie worked. *phew*

So, now I can say I beat Beyond Good & Evil.

I joined BG&E fanlisting, by the way.