Today I bought two new Kings: Salem’s Lot and Needful Things. (That means updates at TGWLSK.) I was supposed to buy hard-back Song of Susannah too but I got scroogy cause I’d bought soooooo much already (nothing interesting though).

Tomorrow I’m off to my grandparents’. I’m travelling by train, Pendolino, a super quick one if only it’d work this time. Last summer the mechanism that allows the train go fast was broken so it had to travel at normal speed. When the new trains first started running, a door was sucked off by the speed. Nice going. And tomorrow’s Friday 13th… Good thing I’m not superstitious. Let’s hope the person controlling the train isn’t either.

I’ll be gone for about a week, I’d imagine.

I haven’t started packing yet, and I have to wrap some books in book plastic (I don’t read paperback books (or in my case “backpack books” ) without the plastic) before I get too tired to do that.

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