Around 10 pm Wednesday night while I was watching Cold Case, I hear commotion from outside and something that sounds like a scream. I peer out the window but see nothing. Half an hour later I hear sirens (police or ambulance, I never know which) and immediately think: Murder!

The “scream”, I’m sure, was a hysterical laugh and the sirens never got close but faded.

I’m at my grandparents’ at the moment. For an unknown period of time still. What have I done here? Well, on Wednesday I got my hair cut (– 10 cm), bought a lovely lovely book (Oxford’s dictionary of new words) and choco+mint coffee, got an umbrella (it started raining and Grandma and I didn’t have one with us — of course not). I’ve also got 2 biggish boxes full of old books (ahhh dictionaries! and all kind of wonderful language-related Grandpa put aside for me) cause my grandparents’ are moving quite a stretch and I tell you, they’ve got books. Lots and lots of wonderful books. So they’ve been giving some away to library, and of course to children and grandchildren.

I finished reading Pet Sematary on Wednesday (18.8.), luckily I can add it to my booklog from here, but the stars and things I’ll have to add when I get home. I’ll give it… *ponder* 4 stars? Yeah, it was a good one. King himself says it’s his most gruesome. After reading the foreword, I agree.

I also saw From a Buick 8 finally translated! I’ve been wondering where it’s been but, well, Grandma actually noticed it, there it was in the bookstore. Finnish title: Buick 8. Translated by Ilkka Rekiaro, who else?! This is just a note to self to add it to TGWLSK.

A little bit of QOTD:

The swamp was alive, but not with the sound of music
— Pet Sematary by Stephen King

:mrgreen: Just makes me think of Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge. Ahh…

Well, I think that’s all. I found another 6 ft 2 in quote in Pet Sematary I need to add to the Notebook at TGWLSK.

Gosh, being on a 800 x 600 screen with only IE makes me want to go home!!! Nah, I like it here. Besides, I haven’t had a dip in the lake yet.