Today I read the strangest definition for ‘blog’: a website, which is regularly updated. Which means this — currently — isn’t a blog.

I clicked on to Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes from Blogging Pro. An interesting read but I’ve raged about item 2 in the past: using a photo. I understand that people want to see faces, but who wants to see my mug? I don’t! How shocking would it be if I posted my photo and you’d see that I’m actually male?

I am, however, going to implement some of the enhancement ideas. When I was designing this site, I didn’t find a good colour for visited links (I did notice that some of the links, in blog content, lose underlining after a visit) so I forgot about it (accidentally!). Also I’m going to try and list some of the “must-read” entries but I’m afraid I might not find any (This is a blog for dog’s sake! Not a magazine. Why do people take blogs so seriously? It’s supposed to be fun, not 2nd or nth job (for most)). I did have a category for these, something like Minna’s picks, but apparently I removed it at some point (or it doesn’t have any posts!).
(There’s a list in the archives now.)

Jafer woke me up from my work-daze. In addition to not having written in over half a month (I honestly don’t know how that’s possible), I haven’t finished a book since July! (I’ll need to check my papery booklog, but the one here says July.)

I had hard time not laughing today. A group of people were talking and roaring with laughter (at work, of course) and I was sitting at my desk. Because I wasn’t in the group I couldn’t laugh along but I kept bursting so I had to leave for a while to cool off. I went and washed my coffee mug. Interesting, innit?