(You may want to read about Taronga Zoo first, but only because of a comment I make there about kangaroos. No biggie.)

On September 10th we visited Featherdale Wildlife Park in Doonside. In addition to typical enclosures, they have animals strolling around there, among the visitors. Even an emu! I don’t know how that’s not dangerous unless they’ve bred a non-kicking one…

I petted this wallaby who greeted us:

A tame wallaby

And boy were there wallabies.

Lots of wallabies

We spotted a lot of baby wallabies.

Wallabies had babies

And boy were there koalas, too.

Koalas, awake for a change!

I managed to snap a picture of some of the lively ones. This koala climbed down a tree and walked to the next one:

A walking koala

What really surprised me was that they had wombats. Outside. In the sun. I thought they were nocturnal animals!

Wombats - sunbathing!

Here’s an echidna:

An echidna

And guess what? They had kangaroos! (Some of them may’ve been wallabies, I don’t know the difference.)

An alert kangaroo


A kangaroo among visitors

and lots…

They have also lazy kangaroos here

of kangaroos!


They had albinos too!

Albino kangaroos

Of course, they had many many more animals (dingoes, bats, Tasmanian devils (couldn’t get a proper picture), reptiles, and lots of birds).