It was the Fathers’ Day in Australia when we took off to Taronga Zoo, bright and early. We drove to the city and took a ferry from Circular Quay.

Harbour Bridge

The Opera House (view from ferry)

Of course, there were koalas:

A sleeping koala

Pffft. Old news. :) They seem to like staying in that curled position. Saw countless of koalas like that (koalas here, koalas there, sleeping koalas everywhere).

There were some lovely giraffes:

Giraffes munching away in Taronga
More giraffes

They had had to grow some pretty long necks to get a better view behind those trees there.

There was a baby chimp

Baby chimp

and a baby elephant (Luk Chai)

Baby elephant called Luk Chai

who is a bit of a celebrity.

We were there right on time to catch both the seal and the bird show. It’s amazing how the animals can be trained — especially the seal show was very funny!

OK then, the animal I came all this way (15,000 km/9,400 mi) for: the kangaroo. Did I get to see them this time? Yes. Well, sorta.

Lazy kangaroos

It must’ve been a bit too hot for them to be jumping around. On the way out of the zoo we went by the enclosure one more time:

Buzz of, tourist

Is that kangaroo trying to tell me something…?

Then it was time to head back. This time we took the Sky Safari cable cars down to the wharf.

Sky Safari